Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Partners with CipherHealth to Enhance Community Outreach


Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Partners with CipherHealth to Enhance Community Outreach. Maine Coast Memorial will deploy CipherHealth’s post-discharge follow-up solution to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is partnering with CipherHealth to implement a new patient follow-up program aimed at ensuring patients are getting better after discharge and increasing visibility into hospital operations that impact the patient experience. Maine Coast Memorial will use CipherHealth’s Voice platform to enable hospital staff to reach out to patients after they have visited the hospital.

A proven community advocate, Maine Coast Memorial has continuously demonstrated its dedication to quality care. This program furthers Maine Coast Memorial’s position by reaching out to patients after they return home from the hospital. Voice brings more efficiency and accountability to the process of patient follow up, allowing staff to follow up with more patients in need. The program will also use real- time data collected from patients to drive improvements and provide transparency into hospital processes and care transitions.

Voice follows up with patients after they leave the hospital. Depending on the patients’ conditions, they will receive one to four calls over the course of the critical 30-day window to check on their health, ensure they understand their medications, and confirm they have scheduled and attended follow-up appointments, among other things. If the program identifies a patient at risk for an adverse event, such as a readmission, an alert is sent to the appropriate staff at the hospital for intervention.

Ardelle Bigos, the recently appointed Chief Nursing Officer for Maine Coast Memorial, initiated the program to improve the patient experience. She said of the program, “This is an extremely close community, and this is a way to connect to patients who might need some help after they leave the hospital. We want to make sure we reach those patients to ensure that they are receiving the support they need.”

The program will be rolled out in the first half of 2015, and will be used to reach out to all hospital and emergency department patients.

About Maine Coast Memorial Hospital

Located in Ellsworth, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital is a 64 bed, full-service hospital serving Hancock and western Washington Counties. Opened in 1956, our comprehensive healthcare facility provides emergency, primary and specialty care acute inpatient, diagnostic, and surgical services.

About CipherHealth

CipherHealth is a New York City-based company founded in 2009 focused on creating solutions that help care providers effectively and efficiently provide quality care for their patients. CipherHealth leverages technology to make communication between care providers and patients easier, engaging, and more meaningful. For more information, please visit RSS