New Infant Warmer Purchased for Maternity Unit


Showing off the new Panda Warmer are Susan Coxson, RN; Catherine Shaw, RN; Sondra Daronshefski, RN, GE Healthcare; Sandra DeWitt, MCMH Volunteer; Stacie Brown, Volunteer Program Director; Emily Mazzarelli, RN, BSN, OB Nurse Manager.

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital has purchased a new Panda Infant Warmer with the helpful generosity of the Davis Family Foundation and the Volunteers of Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. The new Panda Warmer is the third warmer available for use in the hospital, and the second with an integrated gas mixer.

“The integrated mixer allows us to used blended gas (oxygen and air) right from the warmer which makes care faster when an infant needs assistance with breathing. This new warmer allows us to continue providing excellent patient care to our smallest patients.” Says Emily Mazzarelli, Nurse Manager of the OB Unit.

The Davis Family Foundation provided $15,000 in the form of a grant, and the other $3,451 was donated by the hospital’s own volunteer organization, a result of bi-annual fundraising that they do in the form of scrub and accessory sales at the hospital. MCMH Director of Development Jack A. Frost stated, “Over $150,000 has been gifted in the past two years for the purpose of refurbishing the Maternity & Obstetrics Unit. We are most grateful for the generous support which has allowed the Hospital to enter the final phase of the project.”

The design of the new warmer allows heat to be directed to the infant being cared for while allowing caregivers access without overheating themselves. There is also an increase in accessible space for care and family interaction with the baby.

Those interested in making a gift for the benefit of the MCMH OB/Maternity Department can contact the Development Office at 664-5548 or forward a charitable donate to: MCMH OB/Maternity Unit, 50 Union Street, Ellsworth, ME. RSS